Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'll probably use this music for Demo #5

And yeah, I did my research, its royalty free (as long as the project doesn't go commercial or something) I'll still ask for permission just to be sure. :)

Also, I support this artist. with a name like Adrian Von Ziegler, one should not expect anything less than epic. Check his channel for more greatness!

Oh, and I'd like some opinions on the music choice. I can actually picture it being used in some beautifully elaborate labyrinth!

1 comment:

  1. Honestly, I think this song is a bit too 'epic'(heavy, fast paced, etc) to fit with spike's quest. You'd probably want something more ambient.

    Also, are you sure that track is royalty free? Because I really doubt it. The only legal information in the description is "© Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler.", which is a pretty strict 'you may only listen to this' sign. And on his bandcamp, all his songs are listed as "© all rights reserved", which is further enforcing that.