Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/22/13 - SQ Map Navigation System Update

Got a nifty chunk of the game's navigation system done yesterday/last night. So far nothing working in-game as of yet, but I have an nearly functionable atlas editor built into the game's map editor (that may actually sound sound redundant. :P )

The system was quiet a head scratcher. At first I was studying the navigation system of the Castlevania games. I was trying to figure out the white bordering and door placement between the rooms. The borders were each a single pixel in width and the areas within the rooms, three pixels width & height. I was trying to dissect this system and learn its math but for reasons too complicated for me to explain here (I'm too lazy to recollect it all), I couldnt quiet wrap my head around it.

I eventually adopted the Metroid method which allowed the borders to be 2 pixels in width and it made the system not so complicated. This of course lengthened the visual size of the map, but thankfully it was still manageable within a 320 x 240 space.

I also decided to use the Metroid style mini-navigator. Basically an active mini map that floats alongside the game's hud. (something I've always felt the Castlevania games were severely lacking). I'll post images when I have this ready. ;)

Anywho, back to work I go!
wish me luck, I'll need it...

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  1. the active minimap is a GREAT IDEA! you should totally go for that one ^^

    also, some metroid in here is very good in my opinion.

    i wish you the best! and a lot of luck too =D