Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/22/13 - Rings Defined

I finally figured out what sort of rings Spike will be able to acquire throughout the game. Below are eight different rings each with their own magical properties. There may or may not be a ninth mystery ring [a quest item], but I wont go into detail about that one ;)

Rings described from left to right / top to bottom:

Heart Ring:
Slowly reginerates your health, at the expense of your magic meter.

Green Orb Ring:
Slowly reginerates your magic.

Blue Orb Ring:
Reduces the use of your air meter by 1/2, enabling you to swim beneath water or lava twice as long.

Silver Diamond Ring:
Increases your luck in finding bombs / arrows / health hearts / and magic jars

Shield Ring:
Decreases the damage you receive from enemies by 1/2 (not effective on spikes, drowning, or roasting in lava (when you dont have the fire charm)

Morning Star Ring:
Decreases your magic usage by 1/2

Mirror Ring:
Reveals hidden paths and ghost blocks [at the expense of your magic meter.]

Gold Diamond Ring:
Increases your luck in finding coinage (money)


Again, let me remind you all, you can only have one ring equipped at a time. So there's no mixing of the varying powers.


  1. A powerup that makes you able to equip two rings could be nice(place it somewhere close to the end of the game)

  2. the rings are awesome! also, i love the effects, they seem quite fair, it kind if makes me remember of the card sistem in one of the castlevanias for the gba, i can't remember the name but we had to use different cards for different areas or bosses or anything!

    also, i bet the last hidden ring is supposed to make either all of the rings able to be used at once or a pair of them.

    nicely done dude, i can't believe how good the concepts are so far ^^