Friday, July 22, 2011

Spike Walks

So now Spike walks. Its not the final version of the walking animation but it certainly feels fluint enough to work. For a while now I was feeling that he didnt quiet look right but I'd like to get some opinions on that.

What do y'all think?


  1. Looks pretty good to me; the only thing that bugs me is his arm - it seems like it should be in motion with the rest of his body. If his arm swung back and forth in time with his legs, I'd call it perfect.

  2. looking good looking real good
    it look really great! well done XP

    but I don't remember Spike having toenail?

    also maybe for the eye replace the black pixel
    with the light green one(lol you know push the ltgreen pixel the the right) but i think it fine because he has a big iris.

    and he's shaking a lot, so you could just align the head so it could only go up and down

    other than that i can't wait for the game
    i love Castlevania!!!

  3. @yay

    hmm, yeah, oddly the reference picture I had had him with foot claws. I may remove them since you pointed out that most of the time he doesn't have them. :P thanks for that :)

    I'll probably fix the shaking too. I sorta left it like that because while in actual motion it looks like he's walking with his movement.


    I've thought about how I should do his arms and I've considered swinging his arms like you said but the reason I did his arm like that is because I've observed in the cartoons that his arms aren't exactly moving while he's walking. Still I may try it and see what it would look like with his arms in motion. It may look better or it may not. we shall see. :)

  4. @MisterBull

    Up to you, but just speaking as an objective observer, I think it would bother me if his arm was limp by his side as he walked, regardless of how he looks in the show.

  5. Even if you decide not to make his arm move, I think it should at least be hanging vertical, not to his back.

    Footclaws are not cannon, they may appear only on some fan drawings but on the show he never has them.

  6. I think Spike is much too tall and thin, but all the same it's amazing.

  7. @{ r a i n b o w d a s h

    I believe that may be the fault of the legs. that's kind of what I meant when I said I felt he didnt look right. I'll see about editing it down a bit and see if it helps the image any. :P

  8. @MisterBull

    I think it'd improve the image greatly if you did that. :) Great design, and despite the pixelating it's very good.