Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 7-26-2011

In the upcoming test demo I'd like for everypony to run one specific test for me.See the two screenshots? Notice there are two different background types here. One is your standard 2D background the other one has 3D cubes in the background.

What do I wish to accomplish with the 3D backgrounds you might ask? Well, remember one of the old DS Castlevania games - Dawn of Sorrow?

If not then have a look-see at this screenshot here:

Now doesn't that background look just awesome?

Now imagine Ponyville done up in a style like that. Yeah, that's what I'd like to accomplish here.

But the problem is that with some computers, mainly the older ones with crappy graphics cards often cant render 3D graphics from Blitz 3D created software. That's where this next test demo comes in. You can switch between 2D and 3D background modes in the config.exe so I'd like for you bronies to play around with it and tell me how well it runs on your machines. Does it work? and if it does then does the 3D effect the game's performance?

I'll try to have the demo ready for tomorrow (remember I post these demo runs every Wednesday). Until then be patient and stick around. there's more progress to be had! :)

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