Saturday, July 30, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 7-30-2011

Yesterday I spent some time adding a few finishing touches to the config.exe code with the addition of a Display Driver selection menu and a few minor tweaks on the full screen resolution menu. One bug that I'm sure about but cant test atm is this:

- you start the game on one computer and you select the first option on the full screen selection menu.

- You then move the game on to another computer. The other computer's first full screen setting has different vales for width x height and depth.

- Game would probably error out because of this.

so for Demo #4, if any pony out there has multiple computers that may have different values for a certain mode, please test this out and let me know something.

Unfortunately I still wont release that demo until Wednesday so for now just go about your daily business.

In other news I've finally got around to fixing some bugs. I now have two different logs because of this. One log is for bugs and suggestions that have yet to be touched the other log is of the bugs that have been fixed each following a simple answer to the problem.

You can find these logs here:
Bug Log:

Fixed Bug Log:

Today's project shall be to resume work on bug extermination. Currently working on ladder related bugs. I go through a can of Raid every hour. Its that tedious. :P

If only code in related image could really work then life would be so much easier. (code is a joke that only code bronies may only get. :P )

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