Thursday, July 28, 2011

Demo #3 Readme Dox Updated

I've updated the Readme Dox in the Demo #3 zip. New content contains a new Bug Log with all current recorded Bug Reports and suggestions. You'll notice that all these are copy/pastas from Ponychan and the Dev Blog. This should let you know that your voices are being heard here :)

Also taking the advice of GabuEx (who has done an extensive rundown on bugs and advice on Demo #3) I've updated the main readme.txt with player control instructions.

All this done before the upcoming Equestria Daily post which could had possibly been disasterous if I had not made such changes (or probably not)

Thanks everyone for all your input so far! :)


  1. Bug: Getting stuck

    Location: At the part where a ladder extends up from a short length blue suspended platform into an enclosed room just below top grey column corridor.

    If Arrow Up/Down+ Jump key is pressed,and Spike is allowed to go down, assumes climbing animation and gets stuck deep in the blue suspended platform at base of ladder. Pressing arrow keys only result in Spike doing climbing animation. Currently must close window and restart to solve problem.

    Occurs on both gfx2D and gfx3D.

  2. Quick little error I noticed, in Config.exe, Flexible is misspelled as 'Flexable'. And bug- When trying to run in fullscreen on my system, the game will not load and displays 'cannot load graphics set' or something of the sort before closing itself (happens on both 2d and 3d).