Friday, July 29, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 7-29-2011

Since after the release of Demo #3 I've been busy logging bug reports. I've also been busy adding to the config system as you can see in the screenshot.

It still looks very basic with dull code-drawn graphics but as you can also see I've advanced the screen resolution system a bit. The program can now read your graphics driver and output what resolutions are available for full screen mode on your computer.

I've spent the whole of yesterday implementing this system. Half the day alone was trying to figure out just how to get the dratted scrollbar to work :P

It probably would had been somewhat easier using the Visual Basic gui system (I think its VB, I could be wrong) but I decided to just hard code everything through Blitz 3D. The system is now fully functional and I can now proceed to the next project which is a custom control system where you can customize what button layout you want to use to control Spike with. That project may take a few hours to complete but I've got all the time in the world. :)

Other news, Equestria Daily finally posted up the update concerning the Demo 3 release. I've been debating about whether I should send Seth every Demo update (once every Wednesday of course) but I cant help but feel that every demo release will really be news worthy. For example, I believe Demo #4 may only focus on the new config system and some minor bug fixes. Demo #5 on the other hand may have the addition of connecting additional maps via doorways and screen exits as well as moving platforms and a health system. Demo #5 would probably be much more newsworthy than Demo #4. Wouldn't you agree?

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