Sunday, July 24, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 7-24-2011

Lately I've been upgrading the tile system for the game and a bit of tweaking on the game engine. I've also fixed the snap distances of the ladder and I'm currently considering the sprite talent of another person other than myself.

The tile system upgrade will allow me to have more tiles in a tileset than what I was allowing myself before and I'd be able to assign each tile its own individual layer and obstacle type more easily (before this upgrade I was assigning these things manually which meant more code than what was really necessary) I'll continue working on this upgrade throughout the day and then I'll move on to other things.

If I do decide to let this anonymous user design the in game sprites then I can just focus on other things such as the tilesets and some other much needed code. I really wanted to make this project 100% my own but considering the amount of work that lays ahead I finally figured that things would probably progress faster if I let other people in on the work. And yes, that includes the in game music that I've mentioned a couple times already.

I still wish to tackle everything else alone. But if somepony else would like to contribute their talent to the project then I wouldn't mind seeing what you got. That's not a promise though.

Another person offered to try and port the game to the PSP as a homebrew game. So I guess that's another thing that can be considered as additional help.

More news to come soon!

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