Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 7-27-2011

Hey guiz, guess what today is?

Today is Wednesday! And that means today is Demo day!

That means that today I'll be spending production time throwing together an executive file compiled with all my hard work. All for the sake of showcasing it and bug testing.

As always I'll try to have this demo up and ready for your downloading pleasure by 6:30 CE time (or Tennessee time) so be watching for it around then.

What's to be expected?

- Spike sprite. No more red box thing!
- 3D and 2D parallax background option
- New tile system means more new tiles
- Completely new customized folder view

With the demo I'll include a bug report file with currently known problems. If you find a bug check that list. If its not listed then report it.

That is all for now. Keep watching!

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