Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guest Submitted - Spike Walk Animation

I really dont like having to ditch the sprite I already was working on before (I was actually feeling rather proud of it) but this user submitted animation of Spike actually looks better. Same user is still anonymous atm but eventually I'll get his name for crediting.

I also had to request that for me to use his work that he'd have to limit this sprite to this project only. The request was not to be selfish or anything but rather I'd like for all things assoociated to this game to be exclusive to this game only. So I felt kinda bad when he had to go and remove this work from another project he was submitting it to. :P

Oh well.... business is still business I guess.


1 comment:

  1. I like it (except for that flashing pixel on his cheek in the one frame...), but on the other hand I actually also liked the previous one too. I thought the eyebrow and the resulting expression gave it a lot of character, whereas this one seems kind of, well... dead, if you will. It's definitely more visually faithful to the way Spike looks in the show, but from an artistic standpoint I actually personally liked the previous one more.