Monday, July 25, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 7-25-2011

Yesterday I spent many painful hours trying to code the tile system upgrade. In fact I did not get the darn thing to function properly until late last night. Thankfully now that task is now behind me and I can now work on more other newer and exciting things! [/flutter_yay]

Now with the addition of the new upgraded tile system I've gone and added a simple parallax background system with just a couple simple lines of code. And then I went and completely fixed the slope tile function which was a little jerky.

And now I find that I'm having bug trouble with the ladder tiles. When at the top of the ladder you cant climb down for some silly reason. Such bugs are common after certain code overhauls :P but I'll deal with that today.

As for this morning I took a little break from the game to just clean up the production folder. Its truly amazing how messy these things become when in use!

More to come soon. Stay tuned

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  1. Cool! You should find some free screen recording software for videos; I'm excited to see this thing in action. :)