Sunday, September 18, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 9-18-2011

I've been enjoying my time off. Spent much of that time frequently checking forums, websites and youtube for anything related to the project. so far not much aside from the couple of simple LP's of the demo (which I've documented here)

I'll have to admit, I'm a tad disappointing about the response. true I did enjoy the attention that it did get (and I am very thankful to all of you for sticking with me through the making of it) but I guess I got my hopes up way too high.

For one thing my biggest dissapointment was the EqD post. Dont get me wrong, I love and respect Seth and Cerial for posting my stuff (when I request it).. the disappointment really comes from the timing of the post. the 100th Nightly Roundup of EqDaily got flooded with comments about the latest episode of My Little Pony and the excitement about episode 2 as a whole. All the projects (including Spike's Quest) in the roundup were simply ignored. Overshadowed by our beloved Ponies. I would had gladly joined in with the celebrations if not for my utter disappointment...

But it made me thankful that I didnt wait to release the demo right at that time. or else the demo would had probably been left in the pit of forgetfulness where nopony would had cared to touch it as much as they'd prefer to celebrate the second coming of Ponies.

Despite my disappointments I still feel the urge to keep moving forward with the project. The fandom is still strong and so the purpose of this project is equally just as strong! The few comments I did get about it were all positive comments with good critiques and bug reports. And its that type of attention that urges me on. That and how far the project has come!

When I first posted about the project in Ponychan it was nothing more than a concept. a Metroidvania style game involving our beloved baby dragon, Spike who sets out on a quest to rescue his pony friends. And in the duration of a whole three months that concept evolved into an actual reality! The 4th test demo so far was one of my most greatest accomplishments in game design! And I guess I can say that its one of my first successful games ever created (yes, I'm counting this demo as a completed game ... in a way)

And now my attention has shifted to the sequel of that 'game'. Test Demo #5 I imagine will take the engine several steps further to the actual real game! I see in the future of my hard work: wall sliding and jumping, monkeybars, Donkey Kong style barrel canons, bending bridges, Zelda type items, keys and locked doors, more brilliant puzzles and so much more!

We may even be seeing the end of the old beta tileset (the sci-fi dungeon scenery used in these past four demos) as I plan to begin working on the actual in game tilesets, setting sceneries for the caverns, Ponyville, the forests and other things to be named. And when those tilesets are good and ready I'll launch a sub project that other people can contribute to. And that would be the in game music.

Anyway, that's all the ramblings I have here. As always, stick around and I'll keep updating as I have always been doing! :) These next few weeks are going to be exciting ones!

PS. if you make a play through of any of the demos I ask that you please send me a link so I can add them to the LP list here in the blog! Much thanks! :D


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself bro. Any pony who played your game I'm sure really enjoyed it. I sure did. So don't feel bad. Anyway, I think any more work you'll do will be great, but don't over stress yourself like last time.

  2. Some suggestions: You could make Spike's jump a little higher, and consequently the rooms and platforms larger.

    About what you said:

    This is always the frustration when being an indie, which is why its really hard when being an entrepreneur to do anything. You could pour in all the resources in the world, but all it takes is guys like those in charge of EqD to have their own priorities and things like these happen.

    Your game has progressed much more than many other games that have been introduced on EqD. Around the time your blog was started up, I offered to be a gametester for a 3rd perspective 3D sandbox type game and using Cel coloring, and it even was to have a day/night dial with Celestia and Luna cycling through as a visual graphic. Yet as of this day after my offer of email, no update or website has ever been announced.
    I have received no reply for my email. Its another example of a great idea that went Missing In Action.

    Like I said earlier, all you need to do now is start concentrating on making more of the levels and those simple flash cutscenes in between when Spike finishes a level.

    Putting footstep sounds is a step in the right direction.

  3. Remember to take the time to rest and work on the game, I know I said it before in the ponychan but hey what can I do. Keep up the good work, this is one of the few games with pony in it that didn't go belly up.