Monday, September 26, 2011

9-26-11 - BOMBS! / I've recovered!

Today's video showcases the bomb and the bomb blocks which I think looks totally cool while in action! 
I may even make a few little Zelda style secret doorways that you have to bomb to gain access to. Just putting that thought out there for opinions, of course. :)

And in other (good) news, I've recovered from my little shame spell yesterday. The guy who hosts my web storage thought my brony explanation was pretty dang funny (in a good kind of way) and told me to think nothing of it! And with that bit of news I can feel rest assured about continuing to host the test demo downloads at that domain!

I is a happy brony! :D


  1. So glad to hear that that little silliness is over, heh.

    The bomb thingy is real nice :) I guess that the amount of bombs is going to be limited, and that gives a little bit of 'should I save these things for later', which is good.
    I'm liking this idea quite much.

  2. @Blackberm
    Yeah, they'll be limited ;) I'm still debating on how you can acquire more. Most likely you'll have to defeat certain enemies or buy them from a shop.

  3. Man, this game is really looking great. :)

    Happy to hear that you're feeling better, too! Looking forward to more!

  4. Also, while I"m looking at it, do you think perhaps that the fuse on the bombs is a bit long? If I were a player, I'd probably get pretty bored pretty fast waiting for the duration of time seen in this video multiple times.