Sunday, September 11, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 9-11-2011

I've actually been working almost nonestop on this demo. Its already pretty dang huge and I'm not even half done with it yet... :P

Is it normal for a game's test demo to become an actual game itself? 'cause that seems to be the actual  case here... I actually have high hopes that somepony might even do a LP of the darn thing. Yeah, its that big. Or I'm just over exaggerating my hard work here :P

But indeed... working nonestop here with the occasional hourly break where I sit down to my Netflix to watch Kevin Sorbo beat the living stew out of mythological creatures.

I wont be updating much between now and release day. Let me point out that even though it is scheduled to be released on the 14th I actually aim to have it finished and ready the day before (the 13th for those who cant count) I want to see this thing released early in the day and hopefully get an early spot on EqD with it.

There's also rumor that it might get played on the Brony Show. not sure about the specifics on that (one of the nice chaps posted in this thread earlier a few days back about it. but that's all I know...)

Anyway, it's 2:36 in the morning and I've been up since 7 yesterday morning coding and putting together graphics.

yeah. my brain hurts.


  1. I'm looking forward to the release. I'm hoping to do an LP for my channel BronyTeamLP.

  2. Good luck. I too am looking forward to the release. Oh, and thank you for telling this story. I too hope to be programming.

  3. If your game can get the attention on a brony channel then you must be going in the right direction.

  4. Looking forward to this game too. ^^ And I love that you're doing this in BlitzMax since I do some hobby programming in that language myself. Best of luck with the Demo!