Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On second thought...

Okay, guys, you may hate me for this or you may respect me for it.

I've decided this whole deadline thing is really just killing me

how about I just release the darn thing when I feel its good and ready?

it may take a day or two but at least it will relieve the pressure off me and I can work in total freedom

now this wont mean that I'll be getting lazy on you guys. I'll be working hard at it. but these all nighters are just stressful and I'm sick of worrying about it.



  1. Now you're seeing why I didn't bother committing to a schedule for my game. :P

    It took me a month between one gameplay video and the next, and nobody seemed to mind. I think your health and enjoyment in developing the game should easily take precedence. If you burn yourself out, then you're not going to want to work on the game at *all*, which is clearly worse than making your fans wait a little while longer. People can wait, provided you deliver the goods eventually.

  2. I would say don't kill yourself. I was looking forward to it being released today, but it's more important you don't burn yourself out trying to make something you want to love instead of forcing it and it devolve into something you hate.

  3. Just got around to reading these last few posts, and god YES, take care of yourself first. Coding half-dead is almost never a good idea. Just what kind of game would it end up being if the creator wasn't having fun with it too?

    Also remember, if'n ye ever really get stuck remember the Ballmer Peak*. :3

    *Well, depending on how old ye are.