Friday, September 23, 2011

9-23-11 - Bending Brigde!/Originality Check

Today's update is a short and simple showcase of a functioning bending bridge system. Not only do the bridges bend but you can also manually fall through them like you can the blue platforms. It may not seem like much but I've spent several hours trying to figure this darn thing out! So enjoy this short video of me bouncing around on the things as if they were trampolines!

In other news, I've decided that once Spike's Quest is finished I plan on taking the engine and using it to make something entirely original! So all yee naysayers out there who criticize me for not being original with this game go boil yer heads! :D (this could also mean I could somehow profit with this engine if used properly.(and by original, I mean not a fan game based off a certain franchise... My OWN ideas dawgs!))

edit: I was kidding about the profiting bit. Y'all can relax! I totally like making freeware stuff ;3 Honestly!


  1. Good thing about bending bridges is that it allows Spike to shoot the lower blocks without crouching.

  2. Excellent work!
    I'm impressed that you made that bridge entirely from scratch. The movement flows nicely. It must've taken a bit of effort.
    So why is it someone would mind if you profit off of the engine you've made? So long as the new game is your own ip, it shouldn't matter.

  3. @RoboPlop:

    I dont rightfully know why I made a big deal about that. I guess I could say that it was early in the morning and I had a lacking of sleep. Still I just didn't want to give myself a bad image by making this project out to be something for future profit, and thus making myself look greedy :P

    yeah, that makes good sense