Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9-9-15 - Still Alive

This is another update just to let everyone know that this project is still breathing. Progress has been admitedly slow but I'm still pushing myself to get things done.

I'm combining code from all the past attempts hoping it'll push this thing into a fully functionable engine soon.

Again, not a huge update here. just posting this to keep the blog somewhat alive here. :P


  1. To those who tend here. Can you please come out of the woodwork?

    1. I'm aware of about maybe two other people who still visit here sometimes, but yeah I'm also kinda curious about whether there are others out there who still check this blog. :P

  2. I spose I am upsettingly differentiated here (yes, I'm bloating my ego). I am likely the only one tending here in the way I have been.

    Though carry on misterbull, so that you can to say to yourself (among other things), I have the persistence to continue a project until it's completion, and how infrequently that is done is how I shall find my dignity. (imagine how many games don't get made, TONS).

  3. Further awareness, but further discontinuity. Try to bring things to a close.

  4. A haze I come, but I suppose, better now than not, continue if you want.

    And as always, I don't want to hold you to this, but if you feel compelled, you may persist.

    (yes, I rhymed)

  5. Heh, I spose a donation of attention is sufficient to motivate. Shall one continue? I do not want to hold it to you, there are other important things out there.

  6. Odd that I bring such consciousness to the idle thought, to the assumptions and deeper unquestioned wants. Maybe this is why I seem so cynical, it is revealed to me that I am merely giving my attention, without other affects, seeing how empty is it. When if I were to be impulsive, mayhap more would be accomplished.

    But I am a bit of a luddite in my conduct here, the internet wants shorter thoughts, I want longer ones, deeper.
    The superficial parts of me are denied to you. (Umad?)

  7. Deeply, there is a subconscious assumption that people are hyper-rational, (it terms of technology) seeking pure self interest in a utmost disinterested way. They would sell their mothers for a dime if she stopped giving the son her support.
    Why should I pay taxes for schools if I have no children?
    Why should we mourn the dead jews in the holocaust if it does not impact me?
    Asians are harbingers of perfection (robot apocalypse) and will stop at nothing to create it, which they will have no part in once created. (they will die once the robots become powerful enough)

    How did this come to become lodged into me?

  8. I remember Spike's Quest a 'lil; should you continue I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure that when EQG stopped updating it hurt TONS of games like this.

  9. yeah, probably, I just maintain my attention here.

  10. maintaining attention, not much else, I think you know my habits mr. bull. Though your burst is done, you made a conclusion earlier, I think for your sanity, it might be good if you were to cancel (sorry).