Thursday, August 20, 2015

8-20-15 - A Bit of Backtracking

those of you who may have checked out the dev page in recent weeks may have noticed that the engine there isn't showing up in the html5 canvas area. some reason my web service has totally stopped supporting the html5 output of Clickteam Fusion (I cant seem to get anything to work... :P ).

I've sort of tinkered around the idea of moving the engine over to Monkey Coder, but alas I see nothing but more programming obstacles the more I play with that language.

So, with all that being said, I've finally backtracked to the point that I decided to keep the project on Blitz Max.

A few other little downgrades also I should note here... I've decided to return the game to the old GBA style resolution and I've decided to cut back on a number of features I wanted to include in the final game. Basically I'm trimming down the fat to make things easier and I find that I'm way more comfortable with working in the classic GBA 240x120 resolution, especially when it comes to tile design for the maps.

I've been revamping the old engine used in demo #4, reworking the code and polishing the old graphics. Maybe I'll have a new demo out in the coming months.

I'll post more as more progression is being made. :)


  1. A bit unfortunate that this engine would falter like this. But nice to see progress.

  2. A concern that this will likely fade away, into the maelstrom, when many hundreds made and with a saturation, what chance does this have to compete against the others? With my own paltry work already garnering the attention on no one (besides me), I suspect that something anti-climactic will be in store, though comparatively not much better. Memories and focus fade in and out in about 420 hours. I guess a fate for those whom wish to invest in the maelstrom. (like me and you)

    How unfair the maelstrom is! We had hoped that amongst the spirits there, they would find and show sympathy to most, especially given that the medium seems to bias towards some mutual care and affection. But it seems that there are monopolys of attention, restricting our views. Many (including me) see something relaxing in the familiar, markiplier and pew-di-pie will continue a monopoly, a criticism of non-democracy in this realm.

    Though I guess, for one who (might) be "living on a prayer" against what is wanted (the maelstrom's attention) you have done unusually well, persisting as some deem needed to achieve this endeavor (oddwarg, and a personal suspicion in the video game industry), from which one may feel the satisfaction of the accomplishment.

    But I don't want to trap you.

  3. Continuity, through time, the guys who are making that fighting game are surely enduring like you. Though I spose a psychic benefit to them that the mass has attended to them. But me, as I usually do, feel some resistance to these forces, a luddite in a sense, I watched educational television! Though lately I have become more hypocritical, a conscience shallows, though finding hyperbole offensive and clinging on to some of my parts, I attend again here, to this work. Apologies, some critical realizations (parts of reality) have displayed their validity to me, a concession to it though it might be upsetting.

    Though, an attendance is better than none, however small.

    PS. I don't want to hold you to this.