Sunday, December 13, 2015

"maintaining attention, not much else, I think you know my habits mr. bull. Though
 your burst is done, you made a conclusion earlier, I think for your sanity, it might be
 good if you were to cancel (sorry). " - Anonymous14z

Its been tempting to call quits considering how life has just constantly been in the

 way here. :P having to help
 the family with an ailing grandpa amongst other things has managed to keep mew
 away from coding, graphics
 and overall planning of this game...

So yes, the thought of out-right canceling Spikes Quest has crossed my mind

 numerous times since the recent
 going ons, that and the feeling that the MLP hype has been dying down
 (in my own life anyway)

Other things I have considered (perhaps for later on) is continuing the game,

 but doing away with the MLP IP
 completely and doing something completely original... this of course is nothing official.

That being said, I still wish to continue working on this. its just going to be

 slow in the coming... I'm rather
 sorry about the lack of updates also... its just been hectic with life here. :(

also the blog editor here seems a bit funky today so bear with me. :P


  1. A spirit comes in.
    One with selection and persistence.
    But this one selected out of the hundreds and tended to.
    This one has been watching, giving energy in the form of communication.
    But a new wanting, some sanity and suggestion, though clumsily at times.
    Prodding and giving, to the maker.
    That conclusions are reached, instead of wandering in a haze.
    But the usual drag comes on.
    Under the influence of this, comes an instance of sanity, a conclusion.
    To see how expensive (slow) this has been, and in it's empathy insisting on the freedom of leave.
    This is that conclusion.

    May things go well for you.

  2. Ehh, I can say to myself that I killed a project, but simultaneously I have freed someone from this burden, I'm not completely sure which is more important, someone's self-esteem and artistic creation, or the freeing of one's activities, since I'm in a situation where I can pick and choose what to believe, that I destroyed art and someones activity, or that I liberated someone.

    I'd rather not think about it.

    1. wait, you think you killed the project? that's far from the truth, dude. o_0

      i simply just havent had anything to update on in a while, again busy with life. as far as i'm concerned the project is simply on hold. I may also be changing it from the MLP IP

  3. MisterBull, how are you doing? I know it's rather odd (or even creepy) to be asked such questions by a stranger on the web. But I just feel compassion to you for some reason. And also your Castle Pinkiestein has drown my attention recently. If you don't want to continue doing it, maybe you can tell me what you used to create it, or even share the sources?

  4. Hey Mr. Bull, it's been years, but if you ever read this, I'd love to get a copy of the 4th demo, and know how you've been.
    hit me up at