Friday, November 1, 2013

11-1-13 - Grappling Hook Mechanics hurt my brain. '''e.o

Been busy trying to get the mechanics of the grappling hook item to work. So far you can latch on to objects and be pulled over towards them / pull them towards you

And right now, I'm trying to apply swinging mechanics to it.

Plenty of maths to consider in this situation. Everything from angles, speed, distance, etc

yes, my brain really does hurt right now... :P

Not much to show on this mechanic atm, but I'm hoping very soonish!

On another note, I'll be going on a six night vacation to Gatlinburg with my family. I might not get much work done on the game during that time. facts to be, I might end up taking that vacation time as a much needed break from it. of course, I'm a bit unpredictable and I may end up doing a few small bits of code here and there when not much else is going on.

This is my first time going to the mountains though, so chances are, I might be out and about with my 3D fujifilm camera taking pictures of all the major sites.

I dont leave util the 3rd, so I'll use these next two days to get some work done ^^;

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  1. awesome! i plan to go to the beach with my grandpa in december, there are a lot of hills to climb there too, and is near a forest and stuff, so it will be lots of fun ^^

    i hope you enjoy yourself too, those math calculations are a real pain for your head >,<

    cheers! =D