Sunday, October 2, 2011

10-2-11 - Inspiration: Tripworld / Still Tinkering / Soon Mah Birthday!

Lately I've been pondering the graphical style for Spike's Quest. And I'd honestly like to have everything in beautifully detailed (like most Metroidvania style games), even though a 16 x 16 tile system can be very limiting when it comes to detail. So I've gone to take a look at other games that seem to master the art in tiled pixel crafting. One game is that of a certain forgotten Gameboy gem: Trip World! This game was never released in the US and they say that its one of the most hard-to-find games out there. But I have it in its rom format. And I can testify that the game is absolutely gorgeous for a Gameboy game!

The game is overly simplistic but the graphics are beautiful and the characters are cuter than kittens. The levels are linear (with a few hidden pathways and other things) I'd totally recommend it if your looking for a game with uber cute pokemon-like critters and game-play that's almost as easy as reciting the alphabet (backwards) but I'm writing this section about the graphics. The original  Gameboy had a limiting palette (4 shades of green) and to achieve beautiful graphics such as what you see in the screenshot here, one much really have allot of patience! The art style here is very similar to what I'd like to do with Spike's Quest, and considering that I have a far grander range of colors to work with, I could certainly achieve this style and possibly much more!

So what you see in the screenshot there is possibly a scaled down preview of what to expect (graphics wise) just imagine it on a larger window with more colors, details and of course, Spike .. and ponies :3

In other news...

these past few days I've just been tinkering here and there. Admittedly I've been rather slothful and lazy (a common phaze that comes and goes) my sleep schedule has been totally out of whack since I pushed myself so hard to get Demo #4 out two weeks ago and I've been trying to get myself back on track ever since.

But I am still working on Spike's Quest... just at a slower rate than usual.

I'd like to try and have the 5th demo ready by the 20th of this month so here's hoping I improve my work rate in the next week or so...

In other not so SQ related news...

my 29th birthday is just 6 days away. I think I'll celebrate it by ordering a pizza and buying a bottle of fine wine. And maybe I'll marathon Ponies too :P


  1. >10-6-11
    Shouldn't it be 10-2-11?

  2. Happy... almost birthday! :D

    Looking forward to what you come up with for the graphics!