Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10-5-11 - Coins :)

Some people didn't seem to know what those weird little spinning things were in Demo #4 (after you've destroyed certain blocks) but I'm sure most of you know that they are just coins. :) and they'll be used to purchase certain things from shops in the game's world.

Check the icon in the image here. Those coin icons appear  briefly after you've collected a coin, first they zoom in from an 8 x 8 scaled version and to the full form (what you see in the image)  and then they zoom back out while fading away. That may seem insignificant for a blog update (and it is) but I just wanted to brag a bit about the detail I put into those coins.

Look closely and you'll see actual engraved images. Bronze coins have the head of an unnamed earth pony. Silver coins has a full bodied pegasi and gold coins have the head of Celestia.

The styles are inspired from Ancient  Roman Numismatics (I'm a collector in that field ;) - )

I just had to brag about them. :)

More to come soon!

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  1. Cool! :D I really, really like the designs on them, that's really neat how they each have unique designs. Your interest in the field really shows.