Sunday, October 16, 2011

10-16-11 - Side Project # 2 decision

Okay, so I've decided on what I must do for the side project and yes, it will be Pony related (what can I say? Once I became a brony all thought of originality floated right out my bedroom window! :P - )

I'm going to do a little project that I've been meaning to do since the Nintendo 3DS came out... 3DS Ponies!

That's right, I plan to 3D-afy all our favorite ponies so that you can view them on your 3DS (or other 3D viewing devices) or you can view them in stereo crossed eyed vision or 3D (red/cyan) glasses!

I'll be doing the Ponies in my own art style so they'll all seem original and fresh.

I'll be trying to release one piece of this series once a week (or whenever they're finished) right up until I've done every major popular pony in the fandom!

Here's my Pony todo list:

Mane Characters:
- Pinkie Pie : "Breaking The 4th Wall AND the 3rd Dimension!"
- Fluttershy : "Meadow Dreams"
- Twilight Sparkle : "Lets Read a Book"
- Applejack : "Its Raining Apples!"
- Rarity : "Glorious!"
- Rainbow Dash : "3D RainBOOM"

BG Characters:
- Derpy Hooves : "You've Got Mail!"
- Luna
- Celestia

If you have any request, then feel free to add them in the comments. I cant promise that I can do them all but we'll see! :)


  1. >Use the Stylus to BRUSHIE BRUSHIE BRUSHIE
    ALL of my money…I'd gave you them if I had 3DS.
    I'm looking forward for the 3DS emulator.

  2. ...Luna isn't on your to do list?

    I... I don't understand...

  3. @kirbycolours

    Added :P

    and Celestia too