Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Other Spike Related Game: Legacy of the Pony

Sure you may consider it a bit of competition to my *cough* project... but at least this one's finished. Give it a look, maybe it'll hold you guys over until the next Spikes Quest update.

It actually looks really cool. Digging the Gameboy style graphics and gameplay here.



thanks to Sunny Cha for bringing this gem to my attention. maybe it'll encourage me to continue Spikes Quest. :P


  1. Thank you for the signal boost. Looking forward to a complete Spike's Quest.

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  3. Ehh, I spose that momentum is lost, and for a long time, with scales of effort required for this task, I have a feeling that this might be too difficult to really get going. Apologies, but I feel that efforts are better spent in other areas.