Thursday, August 21, 2014

Misadventures of Flink Follow-Up

After doing a bit of digging around I found out a bit more about the artist behind the Flink game and found out that he's actually done work on quiet a few other games, each with his own unique style. He's also done work on the DS Shantae titles as well as a few other games on the DS, Amiga, Gamecube, PS2, etc

Again, his work is something to behold and I'm adding him to my list of inspiring things for Spikes Quest. Check out his website, there's some amazing pixel art in his gallery for your viewing pleasure! :)


  1. I have 2 thoughts about this.

    1. I feel it a tad odd that amongst all of cyberspace that there is a fixation on a few, (which I am guilty of) since there is a incredible flood of information from which you could define hundreds (maybe thousands) of inspirations that you could draw from. Why only one? (I find justified rebukement in my own head, that this route would probably lead to confusion, so you can ignore this)

    2. The art of spike's quest felt well mediocre (sorry) fit for a fan game, but not being particularly good, I think an investment into your graphics would be a subtantial improvement, just make sure you pair it with fitting music, I'd hate for you to become "unbalanced" in development.

    If you seek more inspiration.

    There was an enchanting 2D game on equestia gaming featuring daring doo, I felt as if in a jungle of sorts, enchanting. (but enough of me claiming the achievements of one. Moving to an inspiration.)

  2. I feel plates fall of their sticks often here, (at least ostensibly here) that progress goes at a slow pace. That there might be a peculiar dread with this game. That it might have stopped, ambitions too high with motivations/situations not benefiting the game.

    I am like this.
    But keep going, even if it must include narrowing your focus.

  3. Replies
    1. It's just me, the previous unknown profile that has been periodically posting in your blog. Just showing that your being noticed.

  4. This is another Spike's Adventure Game [It's Finished. It's from different dev.]
    I suggest playing this while you wait for Misterbull's.