Monday, December 16, 2013

Side Project: Castle Pinkiestein [aka: Project Pink Nightmare]

I'm sure you guys remember back when I was talking about the mini-games that were planned to be in Spikes Quest. Just recently I had reluctantly decided to do away with the mini-game project because it was brought to my attention that they may cause Spikes Quest to be a bit unbalanced in some way.

That doesnt mean that all the mini-games planned for Spikes Quest are scrapped though. They will eventually be made into entire projects all their own!

The first project is obviously Castle Pinkiestein, the first mini-game I had started work on back when the mini-games were being announced (the screenshot above showcases that project as it was being developed). I had a basic map system set up for the mini-game and despite some terrible rendering problems (that ultimately caused me to scrap the old system) it actually did look promising!

Castle Pinkiestein will be a side project that I'll be working on bi-daily (I'll work on Spikes Quest one day, and then Castle Pinkiestein the next and so on). This, I hope will keep things interesting and also should help me avoid potential burn-out on either project.

For those of you interested, I've created the official dev blog for Castle Pinkiestein, which you can find here:

On another note, I know things here on the SQ blog have been quiet lately. I'm slowly getting myself back into a work routine so I should start posting more in the coming weeks.

More soonish!

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