Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11-29-11 - Early Look at the Inventory Items

These past few weeks I've been toying with the inventory system. What you see in the picture is what I have so far and it may or may not be final.

So your probably wondering what some of these items are and what they'll do in the game. Well allow me to explain each one for you. :)

items from left to right / top to bottom:

Use to blow up bomb blocks, or bust open a wall to reveal a door. It can also be used to exterminate certain enemies. But watch out, its explosion can hurt you!

This item can be used to kill certain low level enemies or stun mid leveled ones. It can also retrieve certain items that you cant normally reach.

Bow & Arrow:
Can kill mid leveled enemies but can only stun high level enemies. Also when an arrow sticks n the wall you can use it to spring yourself up to certain unreachable platforms!

Note: The use of a single arrow will deduct 1 bit of gold. When you run out of bits then your out of arrows. This borrows heavily from the method of the first Legend of Zelda on the NES

Grapple Hook:
If there is a special grappling point horizontally across from you then you can use your grapple hook to quickly launch yourself across to it. Or if there's a ceiling grappling point in your range you can use it to swing across to certain platforms.

When you equip this with your secondary action button (default keyboard key A) then you can use it to repel certain projectiles as long as you are facing in the direction of incoming projectile. The shield can also be used to get past certain areas where heavy wind normally blocks your progress.

Magic Flute:
When you acquire the magic flute you can use it to summon the aid of certain Ponies that you've already rescued.(when you rescue a pony and they have a summons tune, you automatically learn it from them)

Owl Charm:
Use this magical charm to summon the aid of Owlicious (am I spelling the name right?) once summoned you can latch on to his talons and use him to reach certain hard to reach areas. Keep an eye on your magic meter though! when you run out of magic your owl friend will vanish!

Wand of Fire:
This wand will produce three blue fire balls that will orbit around Spike causing damage to any enemy who comes in contact with them! This will use your magic though so use it wisely!

note: this will not double as a shield! Projectiles can still hurt you!

Fire Shield:
This crystal orb will produce a bubble shield around Spike that can protect you from fire/flame projectiles. You can also walk on lava! This will eat up your magic though so use it wisely!

Ice Shield:
This crystal orb will produce a bubble shield around spike that will protect him from ice attacks. It also gives you the ability to magically walk through certain ice walls. Again, it uses up your magic. Use wisely!

Green Apple:
Health item that you can only purchase from Applejack's apple store. Fills up five hearts. You can only store ten of these in your inventory.

Apple Cider:
Another health item that you can only get by purchasing it from Applejack's Apple Store. This item will completely fill your heart containers and magic meter.


Yes, I am perfectly aware that this inventory borrows heavily from the classic Zelda Inventory. :P But is it really such a bad thing? I did try to give some of these items some extra functions such as the ability to use the grappling hook to swing across areas or use the arrows that get stuck in walls to bounce to higher platforms. But I dunno...

I'd like to hear some opinions...


  1. >Magic Flute
    I don't really see the point to remember only 6 songs, unless there will be another use for it. If not, it can be changed to something else so that the ponies could be called by a press of a single button.
    >Owl Charm
    The name is Owlowiscious.

  2. @SWFlash

    you wont have to memorize them. once Spike learns the song all you have to do is select it from a menu and use the flute like you would in LoZ - Link's Awakening

  3. As far as the owl charm goes, could you go more into detail about hard areas?
    I'm asking because other then very large rooms, I can't think of a single situation where the Bow/grappling hook wouldn't be an alternative. It would make the game more challenging to have to time your arrows and hooks rather then just use your magic meter to fly.

  4. @Dweem

    There could be some rooms, as you said that are pretty large in scale and the arrow trick cant always help aid you in reaching the top of these rooms. Neither can the grapple as it only functions on grappling points that are evenly horizontal from your location.

    Sorry I couldnt get to your questions sooner. Holidays and my new pet have been keeping me somewhat busy :P