Monday, June 22, 2015

Development Moving to Clickteam Fusion 2.5

I am pleased to announce that production of Spikes Quest will be moving to Clickteam's Fusion 2.5 as a development resource. This will make things far more easier plus it would give me more platforms that I can develop the game for.

this means that I will be able to produce Spikes Quest for:
 - html5
 - Windows XP through 10
 - Mac OSX
 - Android + Ouya

Since I can produce the game in html5, I'll be releasing future demos through that platform so people can play the game in their web-browser. this will be awesome for bug detecting and other things.

I will have a webpage up and running soon for that purpose for anybody who'd like to sample the project or bug test as I work on it.

Stay tuned!

Note: Clickteam Fusion may or many not had been used for popular games like the AVGN the Game and FNaF. don't quote me on that, but I've seen hints that may suggest such.


  1. If curiosity starts this, perhaps after a duration a realization that a demand on oneself to produce something after awhile, I feel that letting someone do the technical legwork, might actualize an initial foreseeable satisfaction in the beginning.

    I feel this is a good decision.

  2. I suppose that efforts are now towards making than new website, and porting assets over onto this engine?

  3. I suppose that efforts are now towards making than new website, and porting assets over onto this engine?

  4. Sorry if I type for a part of yourself.
    But I think you don't want to disappoint yourself here.

  5. Not enough of a swarm to draw motivation from that mechanism, one is left with the few, like me, and whoever posts, but mainly me. Though like me, and my own project, there could be a certain dread to continuing this project. But like me, you persisted, just about as long as me.
    May your burst continue.

  6. (cynical and uncensored)

    I guess I thrive on this slowness, me seeking a mode of intimacy here, gets me to interact/interface with people in this situation. Hoping to help, but maybe not, none of the games that I have taken upon myself to watch have been completed. Maybe I secretly love to watch them crash and burn, and I watch only the ones with that ambition that makes large un-assailable games, where I poke at them to continue to a doomed (and likely insignificant) thing, maybe it's also a bad habit, pulling me to what might fail, so I can revel in my own lack of self-confidence/esteem.

    I guess this could be seen as freedom maybe there is a feeling that one is trapped into this. And as I mentioned before, the scales of effort needed and the momentum needed is much more than you have demonstrated lately. Also, likely a bad plan, that resulted in burnout and a lack of energy.

    fiends from dream valley (although I didn't really watch that one)
    silent ponyville
    And many more, which may include me and you (though I'm not making a game, only a map)

    1. But I spose now you have someone who is here, who feels your pain (so to say) and is involved enough (maybe caring) to comment this way, to show some despair that one does not fulfill past wishes.
      Freedom? I guess.

      Though I always felt that the noun "brony" was a flimsy basis for union.