Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pinkies Balloon Trip Officially Released!

The Game is being released today!
Here's the link to the new and official webpage:


  1. A reiteration

    Again I wish to attribute to you the attribute of perserevance, since you started 3 years ago (according to equestria gaming), you continue to create! I know of a few that can do this, to keep committing to a project for this long to come after hiatus repeatedly, most hiatuses tend to spell the end of games, but it seems not you.
    I somewhat pessimistically feel that this production is not garunteed, you can enter into that deadly hiatus, but so long as you persist, be this anomaly amongst most (I've "typed" with another game maker, and he noted how lazy the other devs were) I shall give you this attention. As I typed earlier the "cheerer".

    You elevate yourself

  2. hello? can you reply? at least a little bit?

  3. oh, I thought you wouldn't reply that quickly, I thought you were on hiatus, umm well, did my above typings motivate/make you happier?

    1. Oh but of course, dude, I always find these posts of yours not only motivational but fascinating and cool all at once ^_^

      I apologies for the hiatus... Just recently got through a big move and I'm slowly adjusting to my new surroundings... miss my apartment, but eh, well...

      I'm trying to get my mind back on this project but its been a bumpy ride doing so. Hopefully I can soon get back to doing things soonish!

      thanks for your inspirring posts, I haven't been ignoring them just never really get around to replying to them ^_^;; sorry