Thursday, December 22, 2011

12-22-11 - My New Tech Revealed

Well there you have it. My new laptop.

I went to Wal Mart yesterday as I said I would and went computer shopping.

unfortunately they did not have the computer I was looking for so I ended up getting the cheapest thing they had.

Its an Acer Aspire One Netbook built in with Windows 7 Starter Edition (say it with me. "Ewwwwwww... starter edition!")

For those who don't know, Starter Edition is the absolute worst version of Windows 7 in that its very limiting. Its actually just a demo of the actual Windows 7 os (you literally have to hack the damn thing to change the desktop background! *RAGE!!!*), and so I found out the hard way that I have to spend a ton more money just to purchase a fully function-able Windows 7 OS.... Microsoft, I am disappoint!

But aside from that, I'm actually loving my new toy. The keyboard is of a perfect (and comfortable) size for me to do my work on, and the Acer, despite how small it may look from a glance (its exactly the same size as my Bamboo Tablet) is actually just right!

Also the computer itself is surprisingly light, making it all the more portable :)

And the battery lasts a descent 4 hours.

I purchased a cheap wireless mouse with matching colors to go with it. (please take my word for it... cheap wireless mouse is cheap. And not really in a good way... :P )

I spent the whole day yesterday installing my usual software (in between playing with and caring for my new puppy.)

And now I'm looking forward to doing some actual work on it. :)

Once more though, I say stay tuned! I'll try to keep y'all updated on any kind of progress.

Half of the day today will be spent doing last minute Christmas shopping :P

Wish me luck!


  1. I certainly hope you didn't buy a whole new copy of windows 7 just to get all the bonus features D: There are packages out there that can remove some of the limitations (and some hacks that remove more :P) I'm currently running Starter on a gaming rig.

    I pulled 7 Starter off my netbook (EEEpc) because of how memory-hungry it is compared to linux distributions and how much it slowed everything down, but if I remember correctly, you already have a linux rig?

  2. @Clan

    I have Ubuntu running on my Eee PC, actually. I've been debating about installing it on the Aspire One too simply because of how much better this computer is compared to the Eee PC :P

  3. Merry hearth warming everypony! MisterBull you should a forum of some sort, that way we can all chitter chatter.

  4. @Dweem

    I would, but I'm not certain that there'd be enough folk here who would use it. :P

    I'll give it some thought though.

  5. @ MisterBull

    psssh fuck the popularity of the project, your doing it to be awesome, let appreciation come later.
    At least your cool enough to continue your project, most programmers I know can't get through the first 30%

    P.S. I'm kinda drunk.
    P.P.S. I'm going to a fellow Brony's house to sing gay ass love songs so he get's embarrassed.
    ... will comment later.

  6. Okay... so I guess people don't think free styling lyrics to CMC 8-bit at 5am is very funny, also for anypony who's interested, Texas street is a very armed part of town... Go figure.


    Good luck today MisterBull, see you when I'm sober.

  7. @Dweem

    lol, couldnt wait til New Years eh? xD

    how's that Hangover, bro? :3

    Anyway, a bit of good news, I'm considering the idea of a forum for this project. I'll let you know something in a future update